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The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins

A Hardcover Limited Edition Collectible Book by Jeff Maynard

A treasure trove of previously unseen writings, photographs and artefacts

To preserve the value and collectibility only 1,000 copies will be released 

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The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins Book
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Acknowledged experts on the life and times of Sir Hubert Wilkins are amongst the many world-wide Wilkins’ aficionados who are first in line to receive their limited edition copy of “The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins”

About Our New Release

The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins

Polar Explorer – Pioneer Aviator – Anzac Photographer

Author: Jeff Maynard with an Introduction by Dick Smith AC

Details: 220 pages.  Hardcover. Over 200 photographs

Release Date: 31 January 2022

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The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins brings together a host of previously unseen material including photographs, artefacts and written records.

  • Stunning hand-coloured glass lantern slides of the first aerial photographs of Antarctica.
  • Unpublished records and photographs from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ‘Quest’ Expedition.
  • Wilkins’ photographs of Anzacs at the Western Front in WWI.
  • Anzac Cove and Gallipoli photographed by Wilkins in 1919.
  • The first photographs ever taken under the Arctic ice, on Wilkins’ 1931 submarine expedition.
  • The Graf Zeppelin around-the-world flight in 1929.
  • The Australian Outback in the 1920s
  • The first flight over the Arctic Ocean
  • Previously unpublished extracts from private correspondence, speeches and manuscripts.
  • Wilkins’ medals, equipment, awards and personal items.

Revealing Sir Hubert Wilkins like never before.

Explore beyond the enigma of the fearless adventurer.

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Unpublished Writings by Sir Hubert Wilkins

Available exclusively with the All Copies of The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins ordered before 31 January 2022.

sir hubert wilkins unpublished writings

This Never Before Published special 64 page booklet includes transcripts of Wilkins’ documents which are still privately held.

  • Wilkins’ account of Shackleton’s Quest Expedition. This 50-page typed report by Wilkins is privately held and has never been published. The Wilkins’ Dossier will include the full transcript.
  • The Nautilus Report. This detailed account of the voyage of the Nautilus submarine is privately held and has never been published.
  • Wilkins’ early account of World War I. The complete transcript of a chapter from an early Wilkins’ autobiography.
  • Plus Wilkins speeches and correspondence.

Unpublished Writings by Sir Hubert Wilkins is a must for anyone interested in Sir Hubert Wilkins, Sir Ernest Shackleton, the voyage of the Nautilus submarine, or the Anzacs at the Western Front.

To ensure you receive a Free Copy of this never-before-seen dossier, pre-order The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins at the Special Pre-Order Price.

About The Author

Jeff Maynard

Jeff Maynard is a Melbourne-based author specialising in non-fiction.

A member of the Explorers Club of New York, Jeff’s books uncover recent historical subjects with startling accuracy and a sense of real adventure. Jeff’s past releases have been read world-wide by a discriminating and receptive audience who know they are getting factual historical information backed up by painstaking research. Jeff lives in Melbourne, Australia with his family, and is also a radio presenter on 3RRR, and a writer for the Herald-Sun Newspaper.

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